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Custom Home Building With Your Elkhart Indiana Home Builder

Silver Creek Homes offers you excellent customer service in the custom home building process that you

will find all throughout Elkhart Indiana. Our valued and reliable designing team works to make your

modular home building process one of the most straightforward in the industry and this is why we offer

the best customer experience that you will get in the Michiana Area for New Home Construction.

If you choose to fill out our contact form, our designers will assist with customizing your plan based on

your wants and needs. Silver Creek designs homes exclusively for Northern Indiana and Southern

Michigan area.

Your designer will contact you promptly, and they will provide a genuine interest in your desires and

needs and guide you through the whole home building process for your new Michiana home. Our

designers are here to guide and to help you achieve the home that you have always wanted. We know

how frustrating at times it can be for the homeowner during the building process, but it doesn’t have to

be. If you were to build a home with us you don’t have to worry about getting sales calls or the

designers trying to pressure you into making a decision. Our educated, friendly and helpful designers

are waiting on the other end of your curiosity to help you make the best home buying decision of your


We offer a variety of home mortgage options and we have contacts with several home service

companies that we can utilize to give you one of the finest homes in Michiana. Silver Creek Homes, Inc.

has been around for several years, and we have established solid relationships with several different

sub- contractors to make your home the home that you have always wished for.

Whether you are looking to build a new home in Michigan or Indiana, our home building experts will be

able to help you customize a home at reasonable costs.

Find out how reasonable we are and please call or fill out our contact form today and get “The Custom

Experience” from the best modular home providers in the Michiana area.

We look forward to making your dream home come true!