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Home Design

The excitement that comes when you decide to build a new home in Elkhart lies in the ability to design a home that is uniquely you! At Silver Creek Homes, we pride ourselves on providing you an opportunity to build that New Michiana Home of your dreams, and within your budget. With over 100 floor plans to build off of, Silver Creek Homes Inc. offers you a remarkable amount of options to design your dream home.
We offer a variety of initial house plan ideas in Indiana and Michigan that will be sure to please you and your idea of the perfect home.
Our Designer Home Building team will work with you and your family to create the best new home you can imagine.
We take great pride in the care and effort we put forth in this most important step when creating your new modular home in Michiana!
We look forward to working with you! Please contact us today about our Home Building Design Services.


General Contractor

We realize that purchasing and building a house can be very stressful. To help reduce the stress on you, Silver Creek Homes offers a full line of General Contracting services so you do not have to worry about all the little things that go into building your house. We will manage all of your project for you, from laying the foundation to connecting the sewer to making sure the mailbox is straight and secure.
If you are thinking of hiring a General Contractor to build your new home, trust Silver Creek Homes, Inc. We offer the best General Contractor in Michiana to build your new home in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.
Our Michiana general contractors are experienced in new home project management and will work with you as you select the components to add to your new home such as, new home vinyl siding, stone veneer, custom cabinets, new home custom kitchen design and more!
Our General Contracting Services offer you a high level of expertise with the flexibility that you need to build your 21st century modular home.


Interior Design

At Silver Creek, we realize that part of the enjoyment of your new home isn't what is seen from the outside, but primarily from the atmosphere in the inside. Our design specialists will work with you to design the interior of your home to fit your ideas and desires. With offerings from all major manufactures, we will work with you to design your faucets, cabinets, lighting and pretty much everything else you desire.
The best Michiana Interior Designers work throughout Elkhart, Goshen, Granger and more. Our Interior Designers have the ability to work in Michigan and Indiana and come with several years of experience to ensure you get the new cabinets for your Michiana home to match your new granite countertops. Our designers will go as far as helping you select the appropriate flooring material for your new home all the way to your walk in shower design.
With Silver Creek Homes, Inc., we make new home building easy! Trust our modular home design team to help you find your style to create the best home buying experience you can imagine.


Real Estate

Location is key to your lifestyle. Do you want to be close to a downtown area’s entertainment? Would you rather have the quiet of a rural area? Are schools most important to you? Where ever you decided to place your dream home, we can help you find the right location. But it’s not just about the location of the community; the location of your home within a community is just as important. Building a new home means you get to choose if you live on a quiet country road, or if you have a walk-out basement (or both).
Our modular new home construction in Elkhart, Goshen, New Kensington, and all of Michiana is frequently some of the best real estate on the market.
Our homes hold their real estate value the same as a Michiana custom built home and often times exceeds our customer’s expectations once they walk out that door.
Allow our staff to help you find the perfect location for your new home. With so many years of experience, we know the places to look and how to find the best price on new home lots.
Count on Silver Creek Homes, Inc. to find and build new real estate for you today!


Dream Kitchen

Part of the joy of designing your own home is building that dream kitchen you have always wanted. If you are designing your kitchen for straight functionality or to make the neighbors jealous, we have it covered. Our partnerships with all major and premier manufacturers allow you to design your dream kitchen while adhering to a modest budget.
Don’t worry about the material! Our custom kitchen design planners can help you select the right material for your new kitchen, bathroom and more.
We offer a wide selection of materials for your new kitchen such as: granite for countertops, granite vanities, new select marble kitchen countertops and standard decorative vanities.
New kitchen cabinets come in many shapes and styles and our kitchen contractors will ensure a complete installation of your new custom cabinetry.
Let our interior design team help you select the right kitchen appliances to match your cabinets and countertop.

Commiserating in the Kitchen

Everyone knows the kitchen is where all of the quality family time takes place. Silver Creek Homes offers various floor plans to make your kitchen the focal point of your home. There are several upgraded amenities you can choose from that will have your family and friends love congregating in your kitchen! Let Silver Creek Homes build your dream kitchen! Give us a call today at 877-262-2701.


Customized Floor Plans

Silver Creek Homes has years of experience and hundreds of homes built to draw experience from. We feature our own drafting department to assist you in customizing your unique home plan. Our experience and committed sales staff is with you every step of the way.
From new homes with open floor plans to the more traditional style homes with closed in floor plans, our Silver Creek Homes Modular Home Building Team can ensure you get exactly what you want!
Custom home building has never been easier with us! We will take your modular home design and work with you to create the ideal floor plan with you.
Deciding whether or not to add extensions to the garage or the open up the walls between the kitchen and the living room are all things that the team for our modular home building in Michiana can do!



Silver Creek Homes has a strong reputation for integrity with its customers, business associates, and its own employees. Our staff is both committed and experienced in the financing needs of manufactured home buyers. Our goal has always been to give the buyer the same level of service, expertise and quick turnaround they deserve. Affordable housing solutions are the cornerstone of our program. Our passion is to make home ownership dreams come true. Silver Creek Homes ensures that each buyer is kept informed during the purchasing of their new home, making it as smooth a process as possible.
Looking for the best mortgage rates? How about the most affordable new home deposit?
Our financing team will help you find the right way to finance your new home in Michiana. Our business partnerships are with some the best home loans around and we will do everything we can to get you a new home loan on the most desirable loan terms in the market.
Let us show you how easy it is to own a new home in Michiana! We have a team of excellent professionals waiting to help you build your new home today!



Silver Creek Homes realizes that not every project is the same. As an owner of a custom built house, you may want to take control of the project and act as your own General Contractor. The staff at Silver Creek is here to assist with your build, answer any questions you may have, and help you out if you get into a tough spot. We want to ensure that you enjoy your build, and our staff will be by your side every step of the way to assist and consult in any way possible.
Building a new home in Michiana can be confusing and many times you may find that you want to know more about the home building process.
Rest assured that our new home consultants will work with you side by side and allow you to be as involved in the custom home building process as much as we can.
If you want to know the general contractor that is working on your new home, that most definitely will happen. Perhaps you want to speak with the new window installers or the Michiana Plumbers that will be working to make your home perfect?
Here at Silver Creek Homes, Inc., we take pride in the way we allow our new home owners to take part in the entire home building process.
Call today for a superior home building consultation.


Deck and Porch Design

Sometimes the best times at your new home won't happen inside. Whether entertaining friends on holiday weekend, throwing water balloons with your kids, or staring at the stars, a custom designed deckcan offer years of enjoyment. Our design team will help create a unique deck that fits your lifestyle and add that perfect finish to your home.
Building a new deck in Southern Michigan and/or Northern Indiana is one of our favorite things to do because we know the good times that can be had by having dinner on the deck or a birthday party just outside your new home.
Our deck builders will work with you to design the best deck for home that is possible. From deck building materials made of wood all the way to the newer deck materials made of PVC and plastics, our decks are built to last and pass all state and safety regulations


Lawn Design and Landscaping

Your home is not just a house alone; it is also the garage on the side, the shed in the back, and the lawn surrounding. Silver Creek Homes has teamed up with select key partners to help design your landscaping landscaping needs. From a simple lawn of Kentucky bluegrass to an all-natural landscape of hedges and shrubs, our team can help you design it all.
Sometimes deciding on the right landscape trees for your front yard, side yard or backyard can be a huge task.
Our new home builders in Michiana have years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t in your new landscape.
We will help you select trees, shrubs and grass that is optimized to fit perfectly in your new home landscape. Silver Creek Homes Inc. has all of the tools to build you not only a home that you will love, but a perfect yard to go with it. From trees that will enhance the way that your yard looks, to the type of grass that you select. All of these are factors that will be a part of your Silver Creek Homes Inc. new home building process.