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Don't take our word for it

Our customers rely on us to provide reliable, useful, and exceptional customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here is what our customers say about our efforts.

Ruth Baker

Lawton, MI

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying my home, it is such a blessing to be settled in. It was the best decision ever to have you build my dream. Everyone at Silver Creek Homes was a pleasure to work with. I was extremely happy that we decided to let the professionals handle it. I know running a small business can be challenging and appreciate everything you have done. Looking forward to keeping in touch with Silver Creek Homes.Thanks Adam and Craig!

We highly recommend Silver Creek Homes to anyone looking to build their own home. We never felt pressure from them to buy a certain model and they put together a package of just what we needed and wanted. They were very knowledgeable about the modular home we had special ordered and what site preparation was needed before it was delivered. They helped us get the perfect construction loan at a rate would could easily handle. Adam always returned our calls right away and was very patient with any questions we may have had. Any issues were taken care of very quickly. The delivery, set up and pricing exceeded our expectations. We've had so many wonderful comments on our new home from family and friends alike. This company is such a great team to work with. If you want a reliable and honest company to work with you found them here.

George and Susan


Winona Lake, Indiana

Vic Eldon

New Paris, Indiana

What a well-designed home with superb craftsmanship. Silver Creek Homes helped us plan and layout our new home just the way we wanted it. The quality of their workmanship is excellent. They also helped us find property for it. We would have been lost without them. Our modular home was delivered and set up in no time and they kept us informed as to what was going every step of the way. They were so knowledgeable about every aspect of building a home from beginning to end. We have to say it's a very well-built home with great function as well as having beautiful form. One of our friends started to build their home before us and they told us it'll still be months before theirs is ready. Our new Fairmont home is perfect for our needs and is really perfection. More than we'd hoped for. We
are extremely happy with the quality and professionalism by Silver Creek Homes and the home they delivered. Five Stars my friends!!!

     Everyone at Silver Creek Homes, Inc., was instrumental in designing my home. My new home is absolutely breathtaking. All of my family and friends let me know how beautiful my new home is by simply saying one word, "Wow". Thanks a million for everything you have done.

Geroge Ratliffe

Vandalia, Michigan

Brent and Tina


Elkhart, Indiana

We just loved the way our new modular home is laid out. It has great function, looks incredible and is very well built. The builders were committed to detail and very hard working and we were very comfortable with their solid sub-contractors too. Everyone was so efficient and it was built to code and the permits and inspections were done with absolutely no problems what-so-ever. The icing on the cake was that they all cleaned up after themselves unlike some that I've heard stories about other companies. How refreshing that was. The experience of buying a modular home from Silver Creek and working with Craig was very pleasurable and the whole process from start to finish was even better than expected. They all did an outstanding job in all aspects of delivery of our new family home. It
is nice to work with a company such integrity. You can tell they really have a passion for these homes and it shows through all their hard work.

      Silver Creek homes is by far one of the most professional business relationships I have ever had and it was while I was building my home with them. My designer kept me posted on each and every step of the new home building process and made sure that we knew what they were going to do at each and every step. Every step that was shared with us was delivered and their knowledge of the home building process was exceptional. Their building skills were impressive (so much better than our former home that was built in Michigan) and their willingness to go above and beyond answering all of my questions and addressing all of my concerns throughout the entire process. From choosing which new home to build, to finding the right location all the way to financing my new home with limited bumps in the road! Their attention to detail in all of the finishing of the home confirmed that I made the right decision to purchase a Silver Creek Home and I know that I will be loving this home for years and years to come!.

Peter P

Elkhart, Indiana

Michael & Julie



I am so proud to own my Silver Creek Home (The Cobane Estate) with most luxurious design and open feel and was such a great value for a home that exceeds 2,900 square foot. After being in my home for over a year now, I just absolutely love the quality and the value I got with the Silver Creek Homebuilders. My experience working with Adam and his team was phenomenal. They were so patient with me and all my questions and concerns during the build and I now realize I had nothing to worry about! This home is so awesome. I’m so happy about the sunroom and I just can’t get over how beautiful my kitchen is set up! I made the right choice!

      We recently began our home building process with Silver Creek Homes and wanted to take a moment to express our excitement and gratitude for the superior service we have received throughout the whole decision making process. The Silver Creek Homes designers helped us decide which size and model home we would be happiest with given that we both work at home and have four kids and dog. We had no idea what would work best for us, but the guidance that Connie gave us was extraordinary, and we are so happy with our decision to build a new home with Silver Creek Homes. We know we are working with the most professional, friendly and helpful people on Earth! They answer all of my calls and every e-mail promptly. I know I will never have to worry about the decision I made to build my home with Silver Creek Homes! Thank you so much Silver Creek!.p>

Marc & Claudia


Brian & Michelle



Everyone that I came into contact with during my Silver Creek Homes experience displayed such a remarkable level of expertise, confidence, and made me feel very comfortable as well. It is very obvious that the management in this home contracting business is beyond the best in the area as the staff were all so helpful and no doubt were focused on enhancing my level of comfort with the entire process. My home building process was stressful at time, but my designer was able to put my worries behind me with working through each situation as it came up. I love my home so much! Thank you so much for making my dream home so wonderful and implementing the features and look I specifically desired! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family members!

      Before I decided to build with Silver Creek Homes, I looked everywhere in the Michiana area for the best home builder I could find. I remember being skeptical and reluctant because the cost to build a home is no joke and you want the best your money can buy. I finally decided on Silver Creek Homes and built the Brooklyn Estate at the back of my Grandmother’s property. It was the best decision ever! They were so considerate of my Grandmother’s home and her daily schedule. Not once did my grandmother complain about any of the home construction and she was even allowed to investigate and “make friends” with some of the workers. Everyone welcomed her curiosity and now she feels like she had a huge part in our new home. We chose the ranch style home to help her as she ages and the home is so roomy that we know we will be able to transition her to our new home with no problem. We are expecting a baby this Fall and we are so excited to have a place for our new family member to have to run around and grow up in! Nothing I can say will even come close to the gratitude I have for Silver Creek Homes and their exceptional service at all levels. Thank you so much to all of your staff!

Brendon & Jenelia




Paradise Lake, Michigan

    When I first arrived at Silver Creek Homes, Inc., I was greeted by its professional staff that would soon be pivotal in creating the dream house that I always wanted. Specifically, Connie, Craig, and Adam worked diligently with me until my dream of owning a new home was realized. They were available for me throughout the entire process and attentive to the smallest of details. Working with this exceptional team helped to eliminate my fears and it was replaced with peace of mind, while waiting for my home to be constructed. This friendly trio and staff are still available for me, making sure that I am completely satisfied in my new home.

    As a satisfied customer of Silver creek Homes, Inc., I want to assure anyone of their dependability, integrity and excellent work. The staff of Silver Creek Inc. have far exceeded my expectations.